Barber Disinfectant Spotlight – Yvette Bagley

The Barber Disinfectant Barber spotlight is about featuring barbers who look to stay ahead of trends and pioneer the way for new ideas and looks. These barbers and their shops always have their finger on the pulse of the industry. This week’s spotlight is Yvette Bagley a veteran barber from the great state of Texas. She represents a barber shop with 6 locations that stays up on current trends and caters to men’s haircuts. Diesel Barbershop in San Antonio has 6 barbershop locations and they all use Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant. Here is how it has changed barber disinfecting for them.

Diesel Barbershop in San Antonio | MOD Clean22 years ago if someone would have told me that I’d still be in the barber industry, I would not have believed them. I’ve been through many challenges and different shops along the way, but dedication and loyalty are my strong points so that’s what helped me throughout my career. My name is Yvette Bagley and I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1995. I am licensed to do hair in Texas and Arizona. I can definitely say that the rules for disinfection in both States are VERY strict. I take pride in making sure all of my customers are safe from infectious diseases and anything that can affect their health. In my 22 years of disinfecting and sterilizing my brushes and combs, I always used liquid disinfectant. It was the only thing available and all I knew to use. However, it’s crazy how much you can waste by not measuring it before you put it in the jar. I used to work in this one shop where they would not let you use a liquid disinfectant jar. I had to put all of my combs along with everyone else’s combs in one huge plastic box in the back of the shop. It was disgusting, to say the least! Fortunately, I no longer work in a shop like that. In 2014, I found the most amazing barbershop to work at ever! Diesel Barbershop in San Antonio, Texas is a combination of barbershop, salon and part arcade. Yes, I said arcade! It’s like the ultimate man cave to get your haircut while you have a beer to relax, chill and hangout! My co-workers and I are all about diesel. We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to keep our shop clean and safe for our clients.So, when I came across Mod Clean on Instagram, I decided to buy one bag to try it out. I introduced it to my general manager and the owner of Diesel barbershop. They asked me to get feedback from everyone to see how they liked it and BOOM!!! Game Changer!! Everyone loved it! After we figured out that one bag of Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant fills 32 jars and saves money compared to the clunky 64 oz. bottles of liquid disinfectant, we ordered Mod Clean for all six diesel barbershop locations! The staff loves the simplicity of putting in one Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant Pod in their disinfectant jar, wait till the bubbles come up, mix it with the lid and that’s it! Perfectly measured every time with no mess. No waste. Literally saving you time and money. Because you know in our industry, time is money.Thank you to the inventors and creators of Mod Clean for impressing me after 22 years in the barber/ beauty industry! You guys ROCK!!

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Barber Disinfectant Spotlight – Keon The Barber

Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant strives to provide barber industry leaders with the easiest way to disinfect there tools. Barber Disinfecting should not be something that takes up a lot of time or involve guess work. This is why we developed a pre- measured disinfectant pod. Listen to one of our happy clients, Master Barber Keon Washington from South Carolina.

Keon The Barber

“Work smart, not hard!” This a saying I live by and which any smart, successful business should in my opinion. In life it’s just a fact that if you work smarter any task becomes easier, knowledge is power! Almost 15 years ago I would do my first haircut just as a gesture to help a friend out, I didn’t know that 14 years later my life would be dedicated to doing any and everything that would help advance barbering as we know it.

My name is Keon Washington, but in my recent years I am widely known as Keon the Barber, I am a Master Barber (Master Haircare Specialist) I specialize in doing designs and hair art which is carving portraits and pictures in clients heads, as well as facials, and a lot of chemical and color services. You can imagine with doing all of these things I run through a significant amount of combs, brushes, mixers, and utensils on a daily basis. I am a germophobe, to say the least, so I like to clean and sanitize everything constantly. The barbering/cosmetology industry is a great but very strict industry, the rules that state Board have set are not to be taken lightly. One of the main things that state board check for when they come through for an inspection is the disinfectant jar, they require this jar to be kept clean and free of dirt and debris as to ensure clean and sanitary utensils. If you’re a barber or stylist then your used to buying a form of liquid disinfectant / Barber Disinfectant and going through the whole process of mixing the right amount of water with the right amount of liquid disinfectant, you also know this can be a bit of an inconvenience as sometimes you have to deal with spills, or over or under pouring the right amount of formula to water, or even not getting many uses out of that liquid disinfectant for your money, well the game has officially been changed for me the day I came across ModClean. Much like anyone I was curious and skeptical so I read up and I made my order I had to try it, barb code in dissolvable packets? Well, believe when I say “once you go pack, you don’t go back!”. 32 count bags mean you get 32 jars of properly mixed barber disinfectant, at just $17 that is nothing short of a steal. It’s quick, it’s so simple a child can do it, and it’s mesmerizing to watch. I can just toss a pack to any of my fellow barbers and they’ll pour, rinse, refill, and drop and be good to go in a matter of a couple to few minutes time. To me, that epitomizes the phrase “Work smart, not hard”. Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant has made sanitizing and disinfecting that much easier in the barber industry, it makes you wonder what can it do for your industry. Thanks to Mod Clean and it’s makers and creator, you have revolutionized barbering.

Keon Washington “Keon the Barber”

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Barber Disinfectant for Today’s Barbers

In days past, barbers were thought of as old men sharpening their razors on a leather strop. Today’s barber is an artist. Hip and on the go. Transforming hair into modern art with fades, cuts, and line work. Barbers these days look for the best clippers, chairs, and other tools to stay on the cutting edge. That’s why Mod Clean is today’s Barber Disinfectant. It’s made for today’s barber who wants to spend less time dealing with disinfectant and more time cutting hair. Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant is a powdered pod that comes pre-measured for the perfect mix every time. No more measuring, spills, or waste. Mod makes it easy so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Barber Disinfectant PodsMod Clean Barber Disinfectant pods come in a 5-ounce bag that provides the same amount of disinfectant as ½ gallon of grandpa’s old liquid product. Not only does Mod Clean take up less space on your shelf, it weighs almost 70% less too! Mod Clean’s zip resealable bag can fold up to stash into a small drawer or closet space. Try doing that with those old liquid product bottles! Mod Clean is EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant. Mod Clean is approved in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Mod Clean disinfectant lasts just as long in your jar as the old liquid product and kills germs the same too.

Mod Clean is becoming more popular among barbers for many reasons, chiefly because it is so easy to use and store. Since it’s lighter and takes up less space, you spend less on shipping and storage. It’s so easy to use, barber’s love it! Just fill up the disinfectant jar with water, unzip the recyclable bag, pull out a single “Mod Pod”, and drop the whole thing into the jar. The pod dissolves completely within 2 minutes leaving behind only the uniform blue color and germ killing power. No more risk of under or over pouring! Mod Clean’s pod technology provides the right dose every time! Mod Clean saves you money by ensuring 32 mixes out of every 5-ounce bag!

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Barber Disinfectants Ease of use 101

A barber shop is more than just a place where men come to get a shave or their beard clipped, as it is also a highly social place. It is one of the places where men gather to bond and discuss about their favorite topics, while getting their look straightened out. If you have a barber shop, you are probably concerned about offering the best services for your clients. You want to make them feel welcome and safe while in your shop, which means great services and interest towards their health and wellbeing. For this, you know just how important barber disinfectants are in the barbering industry, making sure that germ and bacteria do not exist on the used utensils.

Barber Disinfectants PodsTalking about disinfectants, what kind do you currently use? You’ll probably think about that bulky bottle of liquid disinfectant that lies in a supply cabinet somewhere in your barber shop. Well, perhaps it is time to know that there is a better way to disinfect. MOD Clean barber disinfectant is a product that was specially developed to serve barber shops. It is cost-efficient, very easy to use, and does its job better than any other disinfectant that you used until present days. Why is it so special? Just take a few minutes to find out. First of all, it has a highly efficient formula, measures by using hospital grades, so it can be easily used even in medical environments. Also, it comes in the shape of pods, which means no need to measure the quantity of liquid disinfectant. All you need to do is take a MOD Clean pod and throw it in a recipient with water and the task is done. They were specially made to be used in disinfectant jars used in the beauty industry; this is why a pod is more than enough for one jar of this kind.

The MOD Clean barber disinfectant will not be less efficient than liquid disinfectant, because the risk of spills is practically inexistent. You will use the entire quantity of disinfectant without wasting anything, which means that your money will be well spent. And don’t worry, as this disinfectant is not more expensive than the one you usually use. The bag is re-sealable, so you can neatly keep the pods until usage, and it is also recyclable, to help protect the environment.