Barber Spotlight – Germaine Walker

Germaine Walker is a barber with a great attitude and great experience. We are excited to feature him in this week’s Barber Spotlight. He is a veteran barber and also found using Mod Clean was the best way to disinfect his tools.

My barbering career started when I was 11 years old. A cousin of mine wanted to experiment on my head because his dad was a barber. I went for it and he messed me up bad. Because of my hair being so bad I decided to experiment myself. By the age of 12, I was cutting designs and ninja turtles etc. in the back of the neighborhood kids heads. Once I reached 13 I was able to do simple cuts. At that time in my life, I realized that I had to help take care of my sister and brother and that took priority. I was buying grocery and paying small bills by the age of 14 then by the age of 17/18, I was buying school clothes, grocery and more. But even after all that, barbering was not my first choice for a career. I went to college for a year but that didn’t work out so I came home and went to Cosmetology school. I made it official when I received my license. From that point on, barbering has been my career and this is the start to why I love Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant. Being the best barber is something I’m very passionate about and take very seriously. I value it dearly and it is a lifestyle.The ability to grow your skills and make as much money as you’re willing to dedicate yourself to making. Everyone thinks it’s easy but you have to make barbering a way of life. You have to be dedicated to every phase of it if you want to be the best.

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What I love about barbering is the ability to get better and better daily. It’s just like an old athlete honing his skills year after year. Getting better on the small things that will make you a legend. Becoming a legend don’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of time and dedication. I also like that you get to meet so many people and learn from and grow with them, just like a family. You watch kids grow up in barbershops, They go from little babies to adults in the same chair. I’ve seen kids get their first cut from me and now there 23,24 years old now nd starting to bring their kids in.


The thing I liked about MOD CLEAN Barber Disinfectant is that it’s so simple to use. Barber Disinfectant is so important but barbers really want to spend time do cuts. Disinfecting shouldn’t be a guessing game. Mod has no mess and no guess to keep your tools clean on a daily basis. Overusing disinfectant is one of the biggest money wasters in the business, but with Mod Clean there is no measuring which means no over-pouring. It’s measured perfectly to ensure you get the proper amount to disinfect your tools. Being introduced to MOD CLEAN was important it helped make me more aware of how important sterilization is . Give MOD CLEAN a try and see how it will change your life. It has definitely changed the game on Barber disinfectant.

Barber Disinfectant Spotlight – Donny Blends

This weeks Barber Disinfectant Spotlight goes to a a great guy from the state of Pennsylvania. Donny caught our eye a few months back when he contacted Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant about the product. Donny purchased Mod Clean Barber disinfectant pods a few weeks later and we noticed his amazing work by visiting his Instagram. A versatile barber, Donny proves himself worthy of the Barber Spotlight.  

Whats up everyone, my names Donny and I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. So first off, Im 32 years old, I’ve been a licensed barber since 2008 and in that time have opened two barbershops of my own. My first shop in 2008 was, what I know now, a very simple two chair shop. 7 years later I out grew that small space and needed a better location and bigger shop. The current shop , Modern Classics Barber Studio, is a 4 man show and a much more unique professional setting. But let me take you back to 98-99. Im 14 years old, I have clippers at my house because my aunt owned a salon and I decided to put them to use. Mind you I grew up very into art and seemed to have a good eye for detail. Which is why I needed to use the clippers. I grew up in a very rural area with almost no barbers at the time. So when I would get a haircut I was always so picky id go home and hate it. Until I had the bright idea to fix the cuts with the clippers I had laying around. After destroying my hair a few times I began to figure out how the clippers worked and what I needed to do with them to achieve the look I wanted. Not long after, I was cutting my dad, my brother and who ever else would let me hack them up. I never thought more of it then just being fun, and well, saving money instead of paying for a cut. Now like I said I was always into art and my heart was set on attending a fine arts school. So fast forward to college where I was a graphic arts major still never thinking that cutting hair was any  thing more then something I liked just the same way I liked playing basketball. But during my whole time in school I was always chopping some hair. All cuz I liked it. never charged people. Of course I always accepted tips. But I just cut cuz I liked to cut. Two years into school (I hate school..) lost a lot of my passion for art and dropped out.. moved back home where I was jobless.. my best friend tells me the barbershop he goes too need a barber, and he knew I cut since I cut him when we were younger. So scared as hell I went down to see if I could work there. Sure enough a guy by the name of Jonny gave me my first opportunity in a real shop. And dammmm did I love it. All of a sudden im getting paid to do something I did for free for like 5 or 6 years prior. It blew my mind and actually still blows my mind. Bad news was I had signed up for another school and was set to start about a a year after I worked at the shop (el coqui). So I had to quit the shop to go to school down in Florida for audio engineering. Jon was very cool about it and told me if im ever back I can always work at his place. On to Florida, same story I’m in school and I set up a shop in my house cutting everyone,, I mean everyone from school. Only this time is was smart and I was making money with it. I loved school now though and was excited to pursue a career as an audio engineer. Then at 22 years old my life changes. March 30th 2007, the greatest day of my life, my son is born. I had one month of school left and thank to his wonderful mother I was able to finish up. We then decided to move back north close to family and it was also way more opportunity for me to get a job in a music studio. We chose New Jersey so I could commute to New York and work. Well worked was unpaid for 6 months and it didn’t feed my family. So I fall back again on my skill cutting hair. Luckily a friend of ours owned a shop called JnR Barbershop. Shortly after being there Jonny had told me he could help me get my barbers license in New York if I wanted to make it official. By now I realized how lucrative cutting hair was and I said to my self.. all these years I made it my second option why am I not making it my first option and start making money doing what I used to be willing to do for free. After some time I got my license moved back to my home town in Pa and opened up shop. 23 almost 24 years I started working for my self and never looked back since. 

2013, Instagram, life changer. Im far from a social media guy In fact I kind of hate it. But my brother told me I need it and I don’t have to put up pictures of my personal life that I can put up pictures of haircuts for business. So now I’m curious, free advertisement? Lets try it out. Its now 2017 and because of social media Im here now writing up a biography of my hair life. I would of never predicted that. Instagram and social media in general have catapulted this industry to new levels. I know for me it developed many opportunities I would of never had just by cutting behind the chair everyday. Ive been asked to teach. To attend events , to do platform work for major companies. And all I could think is are these people crazy? Im just a regular dude who works at a shop in the woods of Pennsylvania. But the ability to network on social media provided me a whole new world. Even been able to make some good friends which is probably my favorite thing about it. Another great perk to having my work posted on Instagram is the companies that respect what I do and want me to try their products. I greatly appreciate  any company who values my opinion enough to send me free samples. And ill be honest. some things I liked some I loved and some I didnt like. Some of the companies I built with relationships with and we now do business together. Its all about good product and great service for me. 

Recently I seen these great looking videos of what looks like a dishwasher packet dropped into a barber disinfectant jar and turned it blue. So being me I had to try it out. I find their page, Mod Clean Disinfectant Pods, and I contact them hoping to try some.  We all know every shop and salon is required to have a disinfectant jar at every station. Well I was going through gallons of liquid disinfectant between my barbers and I. Mine would be light blue, the barber next to me would be dark dark blue. Very inconsistent across the board. And reading into what Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant does I find out the pouch I seen is powdered concentrated  hospital grade disinfectant that is the perfect ratio every time.  Not only is there no waste, no spills, or inconsistent pours, but it was a money saver. Very efficient product that doubles as a cool show when you put a fresh pod in in front of customers. Its the future of Barber Disinfectant.

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