Barber Spotlight – Germaine Walker

Germaine Walker is a barber with a great attitude and great experience. We are excited to feature him in this week’s Barber Spotlight. He is a veteran barber and also found using Mod Clean was the best way to disinfect his tools.

My barbering career started when I was 11 years old. A cousin of mine wanted to experiment on my head because his dad was a barber. I went for it and he messed me up bad. Because of my hair being so bad I decided to experiment myself. By the age of 12, I was cutting designs and ninja turtles etc. in the back of the neighborhood kids heads. Once I reached 13 I was able to do simple cuts. At that time in my life, I realized that I had to help take care of my sister and brother and that took priority. I was buying grocery and paying small bills by the age of 14 then by the age of 17/18, I was buying school clothes, grocery and more. But even after all that, barbering was not my first choice for a career. I went to college for a year but that didn’t work out so I came home and went to Cosmetology school. I made it official when I received my license. From that point on, barbering has been my career and this is the start to why I love Mod Clean Barber Disinfectant. Being the best barber is something I’m very passionate about and take very seriously. I value it dearly and it is a lifestyle.The ability to grow your skills and make as much money as you’re willing to dedicate yourself to making. Everyone thinks it’s easy but you have to make barbering a way of life. You have to be dedicated to every phase of it if you want to be the best.

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What I love about barbering is the ability to get better and better daily. It’s just like an old athlete honing his skills year after year. Getting better on the small things that will make you a legend. Becoming a legend don’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of time and dedication. I also like that you get to meet so many people and learn from and grow with them, just like a family. You watch kids grow up in barbershops, They go from little babies to adults in the same chair. I’ve seen kids get their first cut from me and now there 23,24 years old now nd starting to bring their kids in.


The thing I liked about MOD CLEAN Barber Disinfectant is that it’s so simple to use. Barber Disinfectant is so important but barbers really want to spend time do cuts. Disinfecting shouldn’t be a guessing game. Mod has no mess and no guess to keep your tools clean on a daily basis. Overusing disinfectant is one of the biggest money wasters in the business, but with Mod Clean there is no measuring which means no over-pouring. It’s measured perfectly to ensure you get the proper amount to disinfect your tools. Being introduced to MOD CLEAN was important it helped make me more aware of how important sterilization is . Give MOD CLEAN a try and see how it will change your life. It has definitely changed the game on Barber disinfectant.