Barber Disinfectants Ease of use 101

A barber shop is more than just a place where men come to get a shave or their beard clipped, as it is also a highly social place. It is one of the places where men gather to bond and discuss about their favorite topics, while getting their look straightened out. If you have a barber shop, you are probably concerned about offering the best services for your clients. You want to make them feel welcome and safe while in your shop, which means great services and interest towards their health and wellbeing. For this, you know just how important barber disinfectants are in the barbering industry, making sure that germ and bacteria do not exist on the used utensils.

Barber Disinfectants PodsTalking about disinfectants, what kind do you currently use? You’ll probably think about that bulky bottle of liquid disinfectant that lies in a supply cabinet somewhere in your barber shop. Well, perhaps it is time to know that there is a better way to disinfect. MOD Clean barber disinfectant is a product that was specially developed to serve barber shops. It is cost-efficient, very easy to use, and does its job better than any other disinfectant that you used until present days. Why is it so special? Just take a few minutes to find out. First of all, it has a highly efficient formula, measures by using hospital grades, so it can be easily used even in medical environments. Also, it comes in the shape of pods, which means no need to measure the quantity of liquid disinfectant. All you need to do is take a MOD Clean pod and throw it in a recipient with water and the task is done. They were specially made to be used in disinfectant jars used in the beauty industry; this is why a pod is more than enough for one jar of this kind.

The MOD Clean barber disinfectant will not be less efficient than liquid disinfectant, because the risk of spills is practically inexistent. You will use the entire quantity of disinfectant without wasting anything, which means that your money will be well spent. And don’t worry, as this disinfectant is not more expensive than the one you usually use. The bag is re-sealable, so you can neatly keep the pods until usage, and it is also recyclable, to help protect the environment.